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The 49 Best Baby Shower Gifts {Useful and Unique}

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What makes the best baby shower gift?

The best baby shower gifts are either super cute or really functional. Families need things like diapers and wipes, but they also want cute stuff like cuddly blankets and adorable outfits for their babies. This list has gifts that are gender-neutral, some for girls, some for boys, tons of unique baby shower gifts, and baby shower gifts that are cheap. There is something here for everyone, so read on!

Or if you are the soon-to-be mom or dad, here’s a list of things to put on your baby registry (and a few things to avoid). Check it out!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

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Sound Machine and Nightlight

You will be doing the parents-to-be a huge favor by giving them this compact, 2-in-1 sound machine and nightlight. It is easy to use and has lots of customizable options. The sound machine will make it easier for baby to fall and stay asleep. And if you are helping the baby sleep, you are helping mom and dad to sleep, too! That’s a big win!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” is a classic book for a good reason! The repetition is great for learning language, and each animal is a different color. There are so many basic things babies can learn from this lovely book. And this version is especially fun because it has interactive parts so baby stays engaged.

Rocker/Recliner Combo

This rocker/recliner is the best of both worlds. For those late nights when baby is up late, this chair will come in handy. It’s a bit of an investment, but if you are looking to splurge on your baby shower gift, this is a great choice!

Baby Dove Gift Set

Baby Dove comes highly recommended by pediatricians for its gentle ingredients. This set comes with lotion and soap that are great for bathtime.

Baby Bouncer

This cute baby bouncer is great for when mom and dad need to get something done around the house. Sometimes it’s really helpful to be able to put your little one down, and this bouncer is a win/win for everyone. With colorful little toys that can spin and hang, the baby will be entertained all on their own.

Baby Swing

If you’re really wanting to spoil the parents-to-be and their baby, get them this swing! The swing rocks side to side or back and forth. It also has multiple songs and sounds and a motorized mobile. This baby swing will put baby to sleep in no time!

What is Baby Going to Do?

What is Baby Going to Do?” is a cute book with pictures of little babies and hints about what they might do next. Then kids can lift the flap and find out what the baby is doing. The book has cute pictures, and the lift-the-flap is a great way to engage little ones.

(Luxurious) Baby Gym

This baby gym is pretty great! It has 5 different areas that each focus on a different developmental skill. Additionally, the mat grows with your child, because it eventually becomes a little fort! It comes very highly rated and is a Montessori-style toy. (If you aren’t familiar with Montessori, it’s a great learning method that encourages independence and learning.) This baby gym is definitely a splurge, but it won’t disappoint!

(Basic) Baby Gym

If you are looking for a more basic, but still fun baby gym, this is a great option. It’s colorful, has a nice variety of animals, and comes with a mirror. There are great opportunities for baby to learn new things while playing on this little mat.

Baby Crib

We have this crib at our house and it’s great! The crib is sturdy, and it converts into a bed. It’s a nice quality product by a trusted brand (Graco). If you end up getting this for a lucky baby and their family, you will be a favorite for sure! It’s definitely a generous gift, but everyone needs one!

Crib Mattress

Baby definitely needs a crib, and if they need a crib, they need a mattress. This mattress is also by Graco, and I love it. It fits in any standard crib and is nice and comfy. This little baby you are buying for will be able to sleep soundly, and their parents will thank you!

Crib Sheets

Burt’s Bees crib sheets are soft and high quality. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can pick out something that fits the style of the baby and family you are buying for.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be” is a beautiful, sweet book about imagining what your child will grow up to be. It’s a lovely book, with sweet words that make you imagine your baby all grown up!

Soft Fish Toy

This little fish toy is made by Melissa and Dough, one of my favorite brands. The fish is developmentally appropriate for baby since it has a mirror, tabs to pull on, and places the baby can chew on.


It is CRAZY how many diapers a baby goes through in such a short amount of time. Diapers are a big win when it comes to baby shower gifts because everyone needs them. Pampers is a known and trusted brand that has been around for a long time, so it’s a good option!

Baby Wipes

Wipes are another baby shower gift that you can’t go wrong with! Everyone needs wipes because babies get MESSY!! Parents will be glad to have this essential item in bulk.

Diaper Cream

Babies get rashes, it just happens. This diaper cream is great for healing those sore bottoms. And if the baby is feeling better, then the parents are feeling better.

A little tip: sometimes I like to bundle the above three items together (diapers, wipes, and diaper cream) into a little diaper change-themed basket. It’s so practical, and the basket makes it look extra cute!

Baby Piano

This little piano is perfect because babies love to explore with buttons and sounds. The piano is simple and colorful, making it a great toy.

Cold-Weather Car Seat Cover

If this baby is going to be in cold weather, they are going to need a nice car seat cover to keep warm. Car seat covers are a nice option because babies aren’t supposed to have coats on in the car. Winter babies will especially benefit from this cute, warm gift.

Multi-Use Cover

This cover can be used for lots of things. My favorite use is for covering up the car seat when the baby is trying to sleep. It can also be used as a nursing cover. It’s stretchy and light, so it’s comfy for everyone.

The BEST SpitUp Rags

These are some super thick cloth diapers, but they make the BEST spit-up rags. So many spit-up rags don’t actually absorb the mess, but these get the job done. The parents-to-be will thank you for helping with the mess!

Backpack Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is so great! It has tons of compartments for everything baby and parents will need. The backpack comes in a nice neutral gray making it great for mom or dad. The diaper bag comes highly reviewed and it’s the one we use in our family. The best part is that it comes with it’s own changing pad, and a side pocket where the wipes are easily accessible.

Best Nursing Cover

If you know that the mother-to-be is going to breastfeed, this is such a great nursing cover. It covers up so nicely but is comfortable for baby and mom to stay under. The cover is also perfect because mom can see baby, and no one else can.

Baby Shower Gifts for a Girl

Baby’s First Year Calendar

Moms and dads love keeping track of milestones, and it’s made easy with this calendar. The baby book includes stickers and monthly prompts as baby grows. It’s cute and not super overwhelming to complete.

Hair Bows

Gosh! Little girls look so darn cute in big bows. We have a lot of bows in my family, and I love them all! This set of bows comes with tons of colors so there is bound to be one that will match with every outfit they own!

Summertime Outfits

Everyone will love this little pack of jumpers and dresses. It’s cute and perfect for nice weather. The outfits are from a high-quality brand that is known for great baby products.

Pink Unicorn Stuffy/Blanket

I love these little stuffed animal/blanket combos. This cute little unicorn is soft and cuddly. Little girls love to snuggle up with this unicorn.

3 Piece Outfit

I love little girl outfits that have pants, shirts, and bows all beautifully coordinated. This one comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You’ll get lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” from these little outfits.

Perfect Pink Booties

I love these little booties! Babies are always taking off their socks, leaving them with cold feet. These little booties are so great because they have velcro on them that keeps them on your baby’s feet.

Zip-Up Girl Onesies

This pack of onesies comes with lots of different, cute prints. They are zippable, which makes them fast and easy to manage (rather than tons of snaps). The pajamas are soft and comfy for baby.

Magnificent Magnetic Onesies

This onesie is amazing! It uses magnets for clasps, which makes it very fast to get baby in and out of. The pajamas are the softest material that is nice and lightweight.

Baby Shower Gifts for a Boy

Baby Book/Calendar

This first-year calendar is so great because it’s cute and simple to use. Sometimes huge baby books can be overwhelming, but this calendar includes milestone stickers and monthly prompts for parents as they track their little boy’s growth.

3 Piece Outfit

Any little boy is going to look super cute in this 3-piece outfit that comes with a cute hat. You can choose from several fun options what the shirt says so that it fits the family you are buying for.


This adorable blanket and puppy are perfect for little baby boys to snuggle with. Make sure to check out the cute dinosaur option, too!

Great Booties

These little booties are cute and warm, and they will actually stay on the baby. These soft little shoes are better than any socks or shoes you can get a newborn. Highly recommend!

Easy Zip Pajamas

No products found.

These little boy onesies are so cute and come in a variety of patterns. The zipper makes them easy to get on and off baby quickly. Parents and babies will be happy with these comfy, easy-to-use pajamas.

Magnetic Onesies

These little onesies are the coolest! They use little magnets for clasps, so it takes seconds to get them on and off. The pajamas are also insanely soft! I love them so much!

Winter Outfit Set

This cute 4-piece set is great for cold weather and cute babies! Pick between dinosaur outfits or zoo animals. Both are great, and both will be a big hit!

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Whirly Squigz

These creatively named toys are tons of fun for small minds and exploring hands. The little gadgets stick to walls, the fridge, or any number of fun places. Your little one can learn to spin it and enjoy the bright colors. The Whirly Squigz double as teethers, so they are just a great toy to have on hand!

New Parent Mugs

Mom and Dad deserve a little something too during all the excitement. These cute mugs are great because they are fun and functional. Coffee will be helpful when they don’t get much sleep!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

If the mom and dad-to-be love Christmas and Christmas decorations (who doesn’t??) then you can get them this cute picture frame ornament. It’s a unique baby shower gift that they are sure to love.

Personalized Name Puzzle

I dig this personalized name puzzle for a newborn because it can initially be used as a cute decoration and then turn into a favorite toy! Baby can start working on the letters and colors in their name at an early age. A fun unique gift that every mom and dad is sure to love for their baby.

Indestructible Books

These indestructible books are AMAZING! You cannot tear them, bite through them, or rip them. No amount of slobber can ruin this sturdy and cute book set, which makes them perfect for babies. They are cute, and honestly, one of my new favorite gifts to give at a baby shower. Highly recommend! (And there are tons of different titles, they all seem cute!) If you only want to give one, check out this really cute one.

Mama Necklace

No products found.

After carrying this baby for 9 months (or going through the adoption process!) mama deserves her own lovely necklace. This necklace is simple but so cute!

The Wimzle

A super fun toy called the Wimzle has a wide variety of textures and actions that babies can enjoy. As infants, it’s super important for them to explore things on their own with their mouth and their hands. This fun toy will have them engaged for a long time!

Cheap (But Cute) Baby Shower Gifts

All of these baby shower gifts are under $20 while still being of great value. You don’t have to spend tons of money to get something your friends and their baby will love and appreciate.

Developmentally Appropriate Ball

This green ball is great for babies and toddlers to explore. It has little beads that move around in the ball, and the holes make it fun to grab and chew on. The ball is a wonderful toy for little babies, making it a great baby shower gift!

Freezable Teether

If you are looking for cheap baby shower gifts, this one is a real winner! This cute little teether is under $5 and it’s very useful when baby starts teething. The keys come in multiple colors and you can freeze them. The cold helps to soothe baby’s teeth and the texture of the key keeps it fairly soft so baby can feel better when they are teething.

Super Soft Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is incredibly soft and comfy. There are tons of patterns that are great for baby boys, baby girls, or gender-neutral options. Someone gifted us with one of these, and it’s just so snuggly! It’s a nice quality, but is under $15, making it one of the best baby shower gifts if you are on a budget!

Washable Stuffed Animal

This little cutie is machine washable and soft. That is a huge win for parents of small babies that can get a little messy sometimes. The baby will love its soft cuddly stuffed animal, and the parents will love that they can wash it. It’s a win/win!

Hope you found exactly what you are looking for when it comes to baby shower gifts. I tried to include unique baby shower gifts, cheap baby shower gifts, gender-neutral, and gender-specific. If I’m missing one of your favorite baby shower gifts, I’d love for you to drop a note in the comments!

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