Must Have Baby Registry Items & A List of Things That Are a Waste of Money

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The Best Baby Registry Must Haves

It’s so hard to figure out what you need on a baby registry. When you don’t have a baby yet, it’s tough to know what you will ACTUALLY need (and what could be a waste of money). But rest assured, I have been in the position you now find yourself in (presumably that this is your first baby, or maybe your first baby in a while). Either way, CONGRATS! Here is a comprehensive list of all the must-have baby registry items.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.

Also, I found all of these things on Amazon and it’s a great place to start your own Baby Registry. It’s where I registered when I had my first because it’s so easy. People can order things for you and send them directly to your house if you go with the Amazon Baby Registry. One of my favorite perks with an Amazon Baby Registry is that you can get a discount if no one buys the gifts you put on your list. It’s a win/win!

Diaper Bag/Backpack

This diaper bag is great! It has plenty of room! I have two kids now and there is plenty of room for all of my stuff. There is a pocket that is insulated and another side pocket for wipes as well as tons of internal pockets that I like to stick all my extra diapers in. It also comes with a diaper-changing pad. (It’s a little flimsy, but it does the job.) I love that it is gray so anyone can wear it (not bright pink or bedazzled).

Overall, it’s a solid product for what you get. Get the backpack/diaper bag here.

Easy-Clean High Chair

Babies are masters at making a big ‘ole mess of just about anything and everything! (And it doesn’t get much better when they are toddlers.) That’s why it is super important to get a high chair that is easy to clean. That’s why I love this “leatherette” seat and dishwasher-safe tray on the Primo Pop Up High Chair. I really can’t overemphasize the wonderfulness that is an easy-to-clean high chair. I have friends that have cloth high chairs and they are CONSTANTLY caked with food. Gross!

It also gets really small so you can store it easily when it’s not in use. (You don’t realize how gigantic high chairs are until it’s in your house taking up half the dining room.)

This Top-Knotch Nursing Cover

If you intend to breastfeed, this nursing cover is a must-have! I have tried other nursing covers that left me exposed and frustrated. This nursing cover is comfortable and allows you to see your baby easily while breastfeeding. It’s light and adjustable. Honestly, I was so pleased to find it, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Life-Saving Sleeper

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: sleeping is going to be hard to come by in those first few months (or years!). But the Baby Lounger can get your baby some rest (and that means more rest for you!). A good lounger is a great way to get extra sleep while they lounge and rest.

*The Baby Lounger does say that it’s not really meant for sleeping because of safety issues. So be wary of this warning and be cautious if you decide to use it to let your baby sleep. In our house, we used it for naps when I had a close eye on the little one and not overnight. But you have to do what you are comfortable with.

These Better Than Socks Baby Booties

You guys! Baby socks are impossible to keep track of! I think babies are actually sock-disappearing magicians. People gave us regular baby socks and we have so few pairs left! (Gosh, I didn’t realize how passionate I was about useless baby socks until I started typing this!)

Anyway, these booties make everything better again! They keep your little ones’ feet warm and the booties don’t just fall off! I have two pairs and I’m glad I do!

This Crib and Crib Mattress

I love this Graco crib and baby mattress. I got it for my first baby and I’m still using it for my second. It’s durable, and comfy, and it is convertible. You can change the height of the mattress, which can save your back and deter your baby from escaping. It also can be changed from a crib to a toddler bed.

Comfy Crib Sheet

I love how soft this Burt’s Bees crib sheet is. It’s so darn comfy! We have another fitted crib sheet that doesn’t feel nearly as silky smooth. It’s worth it.

Graco Trax Jogger Travel System

This stroller and car seat (sometimes called a “travel system”) is similar to what I got when my first baby was born (this is the updated version). I was able to go on rough terrain and even raced in a few 5Ks with it. It’s easy to pack up and I like the versatility as baby ages. I love that the car seat clicks in easily to the base in your car or right into the stroller. It makes for such an easy transition, especially when baby FINALLY falls asleep! For me, it was exactly what I needed: a decent price point and good quality. There are definitely higher-end strollers out there, and if that’s your thing, go for it!

If you want more information and insight on the ins and outs of this stroller, check out my full-length review here.

Versatile Sound Machine

We love this sound machine at our house. I didn’t really know why sound machines were so amazing until we started using one. Sound machines can be soothing for your baby and they allow for fewer interruptions during their sleep.

This one has a great variety of sounds and volume. You can also use the sound machine as a little night light. There are multiple colors and it can be on constantly, or it can fade from dim to full brightness. It’s super easy to pack up and take with you, too. We didn’t have a sound machine with my first, but it has been great with my second child. I’m a big fan!

Two Great Car Seat Covers

Carseat covers are great for different types of weather (rain, snow, cold, or extra sunny). They can protect your little one from the elements. Additionally, they are a great help if you want your little one to sleep on the go. The added darkness can make for a better sleep environment.

Depending on where you live, you might need a lightweight car seat cover like this one. Check out this great car seat cover if you live somewhere in colder weather and need to keep your little one warm. But if you are like me, you might need a warm car seat cover and a lightweight one for different seasons.

Amazing Bassinet

This bassinet was a lifesaver (mostly because it was a sleepsaver) for me! I got the Halo Bassinest and it is one of my favorite baby accessories! I love this bassinet because you can have your little one right next to your bed.

It’s especially ideal if you are planning to breastfeed. When my infant would wake up multiple times in the middle of the night hungry, I didn’t even have to get out of bed! I could just bend the side of the bassinet down and scoop her out. It swivels easily, and one side of the bassinet folds down for easy access. I also recommend getting this fitted sheet for it so that you can wash it when baby spits up on it.

Indoor/Outdoor Jumper

Jumpers are great because they allow your little one to work on some physical skills while having fun. I also appreciate a good jumper, because sometimes you need your baby to stay safely in one place. I love this little jumper because it is easy to use inside and outside. It’s got a cute little sunshade and a carrier so you can pack it up easily.

We have used it to go watch Daddy play ultimate frisbee, or when I needed a shower in the middle of the day. It’s just a great place to let your baby enjoy independent play while giving you some time to get things done. And when we are outside, it keeps my little one from trying to eat grass!

Portable Changing Pad

I love this on-the-go changing pad. (I honestly use it the most in my living room. In real life, it’s the best place to change your child’s diaper. It’s where life happens more often than in your child’s room where you might have the changing table.) It’s easy to clean up and you can pack it up and go. This changing pad also has a spot for you to put the wipes in.


Have you heard of these things? They are great little contraptions for getting nose junk cleared out for your little one. (When my toddler got croup, we used the NoseFrida a lot!) But it is somewhat strange because you get the snot removed by sucking on a straw-like end. I was skeptical of the NoseFrida at first, but we have used it several times and it’s effective! And I just wasn’t sure if at some point I would manage to suck up all the snot right into my own mouth by accident. But rest assured, I’ve never come close to that and neither will you!

LilleBaby Carrier

I love this LilleBaby Carrier because it’s good for my babies and it’s good for me! You can carry baby in six different positions, making it an easy transition from infant to baby to toddler. I like it because it’s easy on my back. I have tried other carriers, and they wrecked my back. But not the LilleBaby Carrier, I love it! (I’m on baby number two and still use it almost weekly!)


These Nuby Ice Gel Teethers are great! I like them a lot because they are freezable, meaning more relief for your little one when they are teething. It’s also just a fun toy even when it’s not cold. It’s definitely a simple little toy, but that doesn’t mean you should forget this little teether.

Baby Gym

I dig this Fisher-Price baby gym. It’s a cute little gym that has features to engage each sense. There is a teether for taste, a cloud that you can smell, a mirror for looking, soft little animals to touch, and a musical otter. What a creative way to get your child learning in different ways! I especially like that the little gym has a mirror because babies looking at themselves is an important part of development.

Magnetic Onesies

Magnetic sleepers are an absolute game-changer! It is so EASY to get your baby in and out of these pajamas. And the fabric is crazy soft. I didn’t have one of these with baby number one, but I’m loving them with baby number two! It’s a win for me (quick changes) and a win for the little one (super comfy). You won’t regret this buy!

Wubba Nub Pacifier

Pacifiers can be so helpful if your baby doesn’t lose them in the crib. Enter Wubbanub pacifiers: a high-quality pacifier attached to a little stuffed animal so your baby can actually find the pacifier. You don’t know the wonderfulness of this creation until you have had to reinsert the pacifier into your baby’s mouth 74,568 times in one stinkin’ hour! It’s really an incredible invention that you will learn to appreciate!

We actually love ours so much that as soon as the first giraffe (who was named Geoffrey, Geoffrey the Giraffe) we bought a second, because my husband and I could not imagine our lives without it! I could honestly go on and on about these, but I think you get the picture.

Basically, these little guys are cute and cuddly. You can choose from a huge variety of animals, from this sweet giraffe all the way to a unicorn. So take your pick, you’ll thank me later!

Graco Pack N Play

Having a portable bed for your sweet baby is great. It gives you the freedom to go somewhere (your friend’s cabin, your parent’s house, or even a vacation if you are brave) while still making sure baby can sleep. This Pack n Play has a few extras with it including a changing table and a little bassinet. I love the Pack N Play to use away and at home (we set it up in the living room as an extra spot for baby to hang out).

Aquaphor Skincare

Aquaphor skincare is a really safe, doctor-recommended brand when it comes to soaps and lotions. When My second baby started having some skin sensitivity, my doctor gave me a sample of Aquaphor and it really seemed to help. My friend who has babies with sensitive skin swears by it and buys it by the tub-full. It’s hypoallergenic and easy on the skin. This little gift box gives you several Aquaphor products in one cute little package.

Great Nail Care Kit

Doing baby nail care is rough if I’m being really honest. They are squirmy and you don’t want to cut them. That is why I love nail scissors. I did not know that these were even a thing, but they are great news! The nail scissors make nail cutting so much easier because you can see the baby’s nails while you are doing it. The rest of the nail kit is cute and just helpful to have a few different tools for taking care of baby’s nails.

Baby Swing

Sometimes you need to put baby down so you can do a few things, and a swing is a perfect solution! This Graco Simple Sway Swing has a variety of songs and swaying speeds to help your little one relax while you get a few things done. I like it because it’s well-rated, but you don’t have to break the bank to get it.

Things You Don’t Actually Need

Wipe Warmer

I know a few people who have wipe warmers, but honestly, they are just so unnecessary! Babies really don’t seem to care if they have room-temperature wipes. It’s just a waste of money.


A boppy is a little U-shaped pillow that can be used for nursing or helping baby sit up. While this item is something that I think a lot of people love, I don’t. Some women use it for nursing to make it more comfortable, but I found it unhelpful. My baby seemed to get swallowed up in between me and the little pillow. I’m just not a fan. I also tried using it with my little one when she was learning to sit up, but it really didn’t prevent her from falling.


The Bumbo is a little chair that you can strap babies into. This is another item on my “don’t need list” that some people might disagree with. We had a Bumbo for a little bit but decided to give it away. Some families like it because it’s an easy on-the-go option that you can strap your baby into. However, according to Dino PT, Bumbo seats can hinder your baby from developing independent sitting skills.

Baby Food Maker

If you are planning to be a gourmet chef for your baby, you might want a baby food maker. But I have found that you don’t have to get that fancy. Most of the time, a standard blender will do the trick.

What Are Your Must-Haves?

So what do you think? What are your must-haves for baby? Do you agree with my “don’t need list”? I would love your feedback. Comment below.

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